Sandeep Malik (Founder & CEO )

The CEO and Founder of the company, He believes in providing effective and efficient service at all levels. He lays special emphasis on customer focus and customer satisfaction. He comes across as calm, practical, humble as well as a level headed person. He takes one step at a time, that too after much deliberation. Traveller Soul is a result of Sandeep Malik’s dynamism and innovative thought process. He believes in improvisation at every step and creates and employee centric atmosphere at work. The company is glad to have such a dedicated and hard working CEO who believes in his brand and is said to be a true Traveller Soul.

Sailesh Daswani (Director / Investor) 

Cool and Calm head on the shoulders, a very sensible and a experienced individual who very well knows how to keep everyone motivated. Mr Sailesh Daswani started his career, as property consultant and now has established himself as a Builder & Developer.  It’s his positive attitude that keeps him and people around him charged up to do things in style. This individual believes in quality and is not happy with compromises. Traveller Soul has explored new possibilities after him being involved.

Kaushal Kapoor (Director Advisory) 

Experience in various fields, He thought he is a mountaineer and a traveller when he got awarded by the president of India for his expeditions. However, Destiny had some more options for him. After living a successful life, as a mountaineer and a traveller he found that he can also appear on big & small screen.  Mr Kaushal Kapoor decided back in 80’s that he is going to take up Acting & Filming, as his career and has been doing the same. There is another side to him a guy who is a good artist and knows how to handle situations. Traveller Soul always looks up to him for his experiences and suggestions which have always resulted positive.

Our Team of Experts:

 Vijay Bodh

Vijay Bodh:

Vijay is one of the original Khampa nomads who came down the mountain and started his own travel practise in the Kullu Valley. He has trekked across most of the valleys and ranges in this part of the Himalaya (going to school used to be a daily 24 km trek in itself, but they got a school bus now…). Vijay has run horse, jeep and motorcycle safaris across Ladakh and Spiti, and enjoys nothing more than to entertain travellers at his Kullu Valley homestay. Hanging around him can be an adventure in itself – you never know when you might find yourself chopping firewood in his orchard or get signed up on a snow trek chasing a leopard trail…


Joy Siddhanta:

Joy owns and manages the role of mountain travel specialists. He is an avid motorcyclist and leads the motorcycling division at Traveller Soul. He has ridden extensively through all the major mountain trails in this part of the Himalaya and has also run raids across Rajasthan and South India.  He has been consulting with a number of travel and adventure companies across India and Europe and is currently working on developing the Kullu Valley Lodges and Adventure Centre. Joy lives and works in Kullu Valley and distributes his riding time between a beat-up old BMW F650 and an Enfield Bullet…



Jassy Raina:

A true Traveller and an experienced guy with the passion to excel in the line of Adventure Travel, Mr Raina takes care of the adventure activities like River Rafting, Camping, Treks & Several other expeditions in the Himalayas, Mr. Raina is based in Rishikesh Uttarkhand and his love for that place is increasing day by day..Hats off to his level of expertise and grounded attitude towards people and Traveller’s. Mr. Jassy Raina is a True asset to Traveller Soul…